Indy 10 not compiling

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Subject: Indy 10 not compiling
Posted by:  Ivor Flannery (iflann…
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006

I am following these steps to build Indy. I just pulled the source

IndySystem (in Lib\System)
IndyCore (in Lib\Core)
IndyProtocols (in Lib\Protocols)
IndySuperCore (in Lib\SuperCore)

When I try to compile IndyProtocols I get a 'Too many actual
parameters' error on this statement

LLocalCRC := Sys.UpperCase(HashValueAsHex(ALocalFile, AStartPoint,
AStartPoint + LByteCount));

It looks like HashValueAsHex doesn't match the definition below

lass function TIdSysVCL.UpperCase(const S: string): string;
function TIdHash160.HashValueAsHex(const ASrc: string): String;

Any thoughts?