bytestostring error.

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Subject: bytestostring error.
Posted by:  Lenny (Burnda…
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006


Seems for some reason all my occurances of BytesToString that I am using to convert a TBytes Variable is coughing at me..  I tried reinstalling Delphi2006 and no go!!  Not sure what happened...

[Pascal Error] EarthChatRoot.pas(4776): E2250 There is no overloaded version of 'BytesToString' that can be called with these arguments

  instring : string;


instring :=  bytestostring(AData);    //line that did work..  now all of a asudden all bytestostring occurances don't.

I am using the base install of Delphi 2006  (indy version  I think I used to have  had to reinstall and I am now reset to build 17.. I have tried to update to and I just can't get it to install.. I have tried uninstalling BDS without indy and doing it after and just can't get it to compile.  ahhh  everything was working great after a couple months of dev.  and then whammo...  no go