Re: bytestostring error.

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Subject: Re: bytestostring error.
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (Indy Team) (
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006

"Lenny" <Burnda…> wrote in message

> [Pascal Error] EarthChatRoot.pas(4776): E2250 There is no overloaded
> version of 'BytesToString' that can be called with these arguments

What does the declaration of BytesToString() actually look like in your copy
of IdGlobal.pas?  What is the actual declaration of your AData variable?

> I am using the base install of Delphi 2006  (indy version  I
> I used to have  had to reinstall and I am now reset to build
17.. I
> have tried to update to and I just can't get it to install..

All of those are outdated versions.  Is there any reason why you never
updated to the 10.1.5 snapshot?

> I have tried uninstalling BDS without indy and doing it after and just
can't get
> it to compile.  ahhh  everything was working great after a couple months
> dev.  and then whammo...  no go

What exactly did you change between the time it did work and the time it
started failing?



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