Browser image requests - no path Info in GET

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Subject: Browser image requests - no path Info in GET
Posted by:  tony meadors (tonymeado…
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006

In response to a POST request (providing values) my INDY server
returns an HTML file with sendfile(). That file arrives fine,
but the followup image requests made by the browser are
always filename only, no path, so they are not grabbed.

For example, this call:

s:=  '\root\genfiles\temp\777\report67.htm';
ByteSent := HTTPServer.ServeFile(AThread, ResponseInfo, s);

Generates the following image call by the browser:
  GET  \headerlogo.jpg

What I would like to get from the browser is obvious:
  GET \root\genfiles\temp\777\headerlogo.jpg

The image(s) are located down in the 777 directory, not in the root.
How can I have GET image references use
  the same directory stem as the original htm file?

Possibly by setting values in requestinfo or responseinfo??

I bet this is an obvious one to most of you INDY fans,