Re: The Infamous Indy Leak

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Subject: Re: The Infamous Indy Leak
Posted by:  Ben Taylor (to_b…
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006

> I just bumped my head against the "infamous Indy leaks"...
> It's no consolation knowing that they're "intentional".
> I need to be able to suppress these leaks so that the memory manager in
> D2006 doesn't complain about them every time!
> (and yes, I do need to keep memory leak detection in FastMM enabled).
> Is there a fix for this, that doesn't involve manually
> modifying/recompiling/reinstalling Indy10?

if you define "IDFREEONFINAL" in your project options and rebuild using
source, memory will be properly freed. the historical reason that this
isn't wasn't done is that other bugs in indy (now fixed)(eg invalid
pointers) prevented a clean shutdown.


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