Can't connect, socket error 10061

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Subject: Can't connect, socket error 10061
Posted by:  Rick (aso3ri…
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006


This might be a little bit off-topic, but since you guys have a lot of
experience with this stuff.

I'm trying to do a game via TCP/IP, but as usual, we can't connect. A few
months ago, I made a program with Indy that worked on a local network. So, I
tried that to check what's going on. But now I can't connect nobody, not
even my own computer (running client and server on the same machine)! This
is the situation:

- Opening a host (TCP/IP) seems to work, no messages
- Connecting a client gives a socket error 10061, immidiatly (no waiting, it
raises the error in a millisec)
- Internet on my machines works, email, MSN as well
- My computer is on a ADSL, together with on another computer in my house
- I can ping the other computer, but that computer can't ping me with the
CMD ping command
- Subnetmasker =    (on the other computer as well)
- Default gateway =        (on the other computer as well)
- Assignment of IP and DNS is done automatically
- Windows firewall is disabled as far as I know
- Zone Alarms is installed, but also disabled

Internet works, but sometimes its extremely slow for a couple of days. So
slow that email/websites time out in most cases. But after a few days its
suddenly fixed for a while. Don't know if it could have anything to do with

I guess ports are blocked or something, but I have no idea why and how I can
fix it. Playing a game via a PC with friends is always a horror this way :|