TidHTTPProxyServer support https

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Subject: TidHTTPProxyServer support https
Posted by:  Dennis Poon (send2dennishk@yahoo.com.hk.no.spam)
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006

With the lastest Indy 10 snapshot, I finally get to run the
IdHTTPProxyServer ok.
It works with firefox for opening normal http://....  web pages.
But when tries to open something https://.....  firefox just frozes (even
though I set it to use the same port 8080 for SSL in firefox).

I have minimal knowledge of the https protocol,  How I can program so that
Indy also support https?

By the way, I already tried using the IOHandler for SSL but the SSL library
available for download only works for Indy 9.
But the IdHTTPProxyServer in Indy 9 is buggy.

Thanks so much in advance.