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Subject: Re: D7 Indy 9 Webapp problem
Posted by:  Gunnar (glikn…
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006

"Gunnar" wrote in message

> I am using the latest version of Indy 9 (downloaded from Indy portal) and
> D7. When trying to compile any websnap project for use with standalone
> debugger  I get the following errormessage:
> "Unit IndySockTransport was compiled with a different version of
> IdTCPConnection.TIdTCPConnection"
> After searching the net I found and tried the following solution:
> - Removed Indy from Delphi
> - Searched my HD for id*.dcu and deleted all Indy DCU files
> - Searched my HD for *indy70.bpl and deleted all Indy70.bpl and
> dclIndy70.bpl files
> - Recompiled indy70.dpk and dclIndy70.dpk to recreate all the files I
> deleted
> - Reinstalled the indy package in Delphi.
> But still the same problem....
> Any suggestions?

Nevermind, after some more googling I found the answer. I had to recompile
the Delphi SockApp unit as well. The everything works.


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