IdMessage: how to save uuencoded attachment?

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Subject: IdMessage: how to save uuencoded attachment?
Posted by:  Michael Scherr (mi.sche…
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007


I've downloaded a message from a POP3 server by using IdPOP3.Retrieve().
The attachment seems to be uuencoded.

eMail is of type TIdMessage:

eMail.MessageParts.AttachmentEncoding = 'UUE'
eMail.MessageParts.AttachmentCount = 0
eMail.MessageParts.Count = 0

I've seen the samples, but they only work if the attachment ist not UUE:
  for j := 0 to eMail.MessageParts.Count - 1 do
      if eMail.MessageParts.Items[j] is TIdAttachment then

How can I get save the attached file(s)?

Best regards,