Indy 10 C++Builder installation problem

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Subject: Indy 10 C++Builder installation problem
Posted by:  Christer Petterson (christ…
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007

Following the instructions on the web site, installation of the latest
development snapshot (seems to be 10.1.6) for BDS2006 Delphi Win32 works

But, if I try to install the same snapshot for BDS2006 C++Builder, the
components are missing in the IDE Tool Palette. If I then change the options
for the packages to 'Generate all C++ files' I get a compilation error:

[Pascal Error] IdIPAddress.pas(1):E1025 Unsupported language feature:
'property of array type'

How do I get around this (how do I install Indy 10 for BDS2006 C++Builder
personality) ?

Best regards