Indy10 and BCB6 installation problems

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Subject: Indy10 and BCB6 installation problems
Posted by:  Wiebe Vos (wie…
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007

Indy10 installation in BCB6 turned out to be not succesfull afterall.
I get the IDE messages:
1) 'Package C:\Indy10\C6\IndyCore.bpl cannot be installed beacause it
    is not a design time package'
2) 'Can't load package C:\Indy10\C6\IndyProtocols60.bpl. The authentication
    method is already registered with classname TIdDigestAuthentication'.
IndyCore.bpl and IndyProtocols60.bpl are present in mentioned directory.

Pls advice.

Thanks in advance