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Subject: Answered in other NG
Posted by:  Dan (onsi…
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007

Answered in other NG

"Dan" <onsi…> wrote in message
> (posted this on delphi winsock NG, but this may be more appropriate
> newsgroup)
> I have a customer whose email server rejects comma-delimited email
> addresses, they want them delimited with a semicolon.  The easiest way I
> could see to do this was to alter the IdCoderHeader.EncodeAddress
> function,
> and change the ', ' part to '; ' and it works.
> Of course, not wanting to break anything for other clients, is there some
> property about the IdMessage I can change, like IdMessage.Encoding (right
> now it's meMIME) to make the address lists use semi colons?  Just
> wondering
> if there is some simple change to accommodate this that I may have missed
> ing manual and FAQ.



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use semicolon as address delimiter instead of comma. posted by Dan on Fri, 6 Jul 2007