Indy problem with BCB6

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Subject: Indy problem with BCB6
Posted by:  Malcolm Smith (malco…
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007

I have some SMTP client/server code that I've added to internal runtime
packages for BCB 5, 6 and BDS 2006.

The BCB5 and BDS2006 versions compile ok, but I get a strange error with
BCB6 (explained shortly).

As a test, I added the code into a standard GUI app in BCB6 and it compiles

As another test, I created a brand new package from scratch, added the
units - it won't compile in BCB6.

My units include the following Indy headers:

#include <IdSMTP.hpp>
#include <IdSMTPServer.hpp>
#include <IdMessage.hpp>
#include <IdSync.hpp>

The error I receive is in file: IdIOSocketHandler.hpp

namespace Idiohandlersocket
class DELPHICLASS TIdIOHandlerSocket;
class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TIdIOHandlerSocket : public
typedef Idiohandler::TIdIOHandler inherited;

Idsockethandle::TIdSocketHandle* FBinding;
bool FUseNagle;
Idsocks::TIdSocksInfo* FSocksInfo;  <<<<<<<<<------ THIS LINE


The last line shown presents this error: "TIdSocksInfo is not a member of

This is clearly incorrect considering the top of the file includes

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this error in my runtime
packages but not standard GUI apps ?

Malcolm Smith
MJ Freelancing

Associate Editor
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