Indy vs TServerSocket

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Subject: Indy vs TServerSocket
Posted by:  Garry Kernan (gkern…
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007

I have a client server application that runs over a cellular connection in a
moving vehicle in a mountainous region with numerous deadzones.

I have implemented a TServerSocket un blocked solution in CBuilder 6 - which
is 98% reliable - ( it does freeze from time to time )
We are considering moving to CBuilder 2007

The vehicles use a TClientSocket and connect to the central office through a
firewall and several routers.

1) connect to server - passing over vehicle ID, max buffer size, and number
of files to be sent
2) server sends Server ID to vehicle and number of files to be sent to
vehicle (based on vehicle ID)
    if client does not get the proper ServerID - then connection is
immediately dropped
3) client sends file(s) and server sends file(s)
    for each file - a file name and size are part of the first file packet
4) client severs connection

    a) We do not want to have any form of server on the vehicles.
    b) We need to keep the overhead down to as small as possible - for cost
    c) We do not use DNS to reduce overhead.

    a) Is Indy up to the task?
    b) If so - which components should I consider?
    c) Is there a way to quickly determine (aproximate) the overhead?