Required package 'indy' not found

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Subject: Required package 'indy' not found
Posted by:  Boro (new…
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007

can anybody help me to recognize proper installation of Indy10 in Turbo
Delphi Pro, please ?
I am a newbie and have just installed Turbo with Update2 (choosed Indy10
to install) and Hotfixes up to 12. Then I installed component suite
FIBPlus for Firebird access. Nothing else.
Each example project of FIBPlus gives by compilation the error:
[Pascal Fatal Error] E2202 Required package 'indy' not found

I have asked at their support but they are off, maybe till monday. Can
somebody recommend me what to check ?

I checked that folders with indy's .bpl files and with .dcp files are in
Delphi's Library Path. What else could I do, please ?