Indy10 in BCB5 - very close

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Subject: Indy10 in BCB5 - very close
Posted by:  Malcolm Smith (malco…
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007

I've created a BCB5 batch file based on the BCB6 version.

At first I could not get the code to compile but this is because I was using
the code in the \Indy10\Lib folder rather than \Lib

  -- there seems to be duplication of the LIB folder with "\Indy10\Lib"
containing older versions of some code.

Is the \Indy10 sub folder meant to be there ?

I've managed to get the code to compile using the BCB5 batch file but I am
concerned because DCC32.EXE threw a non-specific exception (one of those
standard Windows dialogs indicating a problem) just as the line
"IdZLibHeaders.pas" was output to the console.

Any ideas how can I determine what is causing the error ?

Malcolm Smith
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