SendMail demo won't run - Class Not Found errors

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Subject: SendMail demo won't run - Class Not Found errors
Posted by:  Mad Martian (ne…
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007

I tried to run the SendMail demo, but when the source loads I get a "class
not found" error for both IdSMTP and IdMessage. I am using Turbo Delphi
Explorer for Win32 with Indy 10.

There is a lsight difference in the way Indy is implemented in the Turbo
Delphi Explorer series. I don't know if this has any effect on the demo. I
got this info from another site:

"There's one minor weirdness during install: The installer will ask you
whether you want the Indy 9 or Indy 10 component suite installed. Choose
which one you prefer; if you've never heard of Indy, choose Indy 10. Indy is
a suite of Internet protocol components, and it's very useful. Alas,
although the installer will unpack and install the Indy component suite that
you select, it will not add the components to the component palette. You can
use them, but you can't drag components off the palette. This makes using
Indy a lot more difficult, but not impossible."