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Subject: Webbrowser data
Posted by:  Mark Williams (mark@{removethis}skwirel.com)
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007

This post is going to show my total ignorance of web development, but I am
stuck so here we go.

I am trying to automate a number of websites. I have successfully achieved
this using a webbrowser. I would now like to bypass the TWebbrowser
component and just use indy to get the data/files that I require.

One particular website requires a login with username, password a keynumber
and roleid.

Once these are entered you are taken through a series of utterly pointless
pages until you get to a menu page which provides the meat.

I can pass in the required password, username etc as urlencoded fields and
this gets me to the first pointless page.

If I try to skip these pages and get straight to the meat, I flunk security
tests. I am trying to do this by way of a get on the main page (which is a
servlet)  passing in the url and required security details as urlencoded
variables, but this does not work. Any idea how the previous page is passing
in the security details or is it perhaps held as session data. Presumably,
if the latter I am stuck.

Any help would be much appreciated.