Indy10 with BCB5

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Subject: Indy10 with BCB5
Posted by:  Indy (nicolasrREMOVETHISSPAMBLOCK…
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007

if anyone is interested in using Indy10 with BCB5:

I tried to install Indy10 using the included batch file fullc5.bat.
The installation stopped while building the Protocols package
at the file IdZLibHeaders.pas. No error message, the console
window just hangs.
I found earlier posts on this problem but could not make any
solution out of it. My workaround was to undefine
STATICLOAD in the file meantioned above and in
After that an unknown function Sleep() is complained in
IdDNSServer.pas. I added 'uses Windows' in the implementation
section of this file.
Then it built fine for me.

If anyone has better suggestions I would
still appreciate it.