C++Builder problems

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Subject: C++Builder problems
Posted by:  Gavin Melville (gavin.melvil…@acclipse.co.nz)
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007


I've installed Indy 10 for the C++Builder personality of Rad Studio
2007 and the full palette seems to be available for the Delphi
personality, but for the CB one I get some components on the palette
but not most.  For example on the Clients "tab" I get TCPClient,
UDPClient, CmdTCP, IPMClient and IcmpClient.

Project Options for the Indy 10 Design Time component shows all

There used to be a Hide / Unhide in BDS2006 but it seems to have
disappeared in Rad Studio.

The components that are there seem to work OK, or at least compile OK.

Deos anyone have any bright ideas ?