Bugs in IDWebDav and IDHttp

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Subject: Bugs in IDWebDav and IDHttp
Posted by:  Mark Williams (mark@{removethis}skwirel.com)
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008

Hi Remy,

Apologies if this is an incorrect place to post bug reports, but I couldn't
find a suitable newsgroup.

Many of the functions in IDWebDav do not work because the content is not
being posted as a result of an omission in the ConnecttoHost procedure in
idhttp. Before posting the source this procedure checks an array of http
constants to ascertain whether there is any source to be posted. None of the
webdav constants are listed.

To make it work you need to:

1    Move the webdav constants from IDWebDav to idHttp
2    Change the last if statement in Connecttohost to the following:

if PosInStrArray(ARequest.Method, [Id_HTTPMethodPost, Id_HTTPMethodPut,
  Id_HTTPMethodCheckOut, Id_HTTPMethodLock, Id_HTTPMethodReport,
  Id_HTTPMethodLabel, Id_HTTPMethodPropFind, Id_HTTPMethodPropPatch,
  Id_HTTPMethodOrderPatch, Id_HTTPMethodSearch], False) > -1 then