Re: IdHTTPServer and Vista issue

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Subject: Re: IdHTTPServer and Vista issue
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008

"Charlie" <cwrig…> wrote in message

> I am using Delphi 2006 with stock Indy 10.

That release of Indy 10 is quite old.  You should update and see if the
problem continues.

> I put up a message for every possible event in the HTTP server.  On
> XP, it starts with one ?after bind? and one ?before listener run?. In
> Vista, on startup, an extra ?before listener run? is generated.

When TIdTCPServer is activated, if the Bindings collection is empty than 1
entry is automatically created for IPv4 and another entry for IPv6 if
supported by the OS.  On your XP machine, you likely have IPv6 disabled,
whereas it is enabled on Vista.

> On Vista none of the 4 get generated (I assume the connect itself is
> failing).

If I remember correctly, there were some IPv6-related bugs that prevented
clients from connecting correctly when IPv6 was activated.

> If anyone has any suggestions about what could be blocking this,
> I would greatly appreciate them.

Try setting up the Bindings collection manually before activating the server
so that the IPv6 entry can be avoided.  But I still suggest you upgrade your
copy of Indy 10 anyway in order to have all of the latest fixes.



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