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Subject: Please wait while we generate documents
Posted by:  Mark Williams (mark@{removethis}
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008

What is the best way to handle the downloading of pdf documents via Indy
from a website which generates the document after you have posted a request
for it.

At the moment I have simply put in a sleep request for 1000 ms which seems
to do the job, but is likely to encounter problems with quite large

The page I post to displays a please wait message until it has generated the
document and then displays links to the document. This page has the same url
as the page that displays the wait message

I have tried continuous gets on the page which eventually displays the links
to see if the wait message has disappeared however this seems to keep
looping for a very long time (upwards of 20 seconds).

Does anyone have a better idea as to how to handle this rather than a sleep
command for a fixed period of time.