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Subject: authentication
Posted by:  Harry de Boer (har…
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008


I have set up an app with an IdHTTPServer and in the Commandget event I have
something like:

  verhuurder := ARequestInfo.AuthUsername;
  password := ARequestInfo.AuthPassword;
  act := ARequestInfo.Params.Values['act'];

and as response

    AresponseInfo.ContentText := '<verhuur><verhuurder>' + verhuurder +
</verhuurder><action> + act + </action></verhuur>'

From an app with an Indy Client I send a request with different values for
the authorisation and params. In the response the (act) param is reflected
correctly but the authusername (verhuurder) stays the same (as the name used
the first time).

How do I ensure that the authentication name and password are read anew evry
time the client sends a request?

Regards, Harry