Upgrading Indy 10 Problem

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Subject: Upgrading Indy 10 Problem
Posted by:  Bobg (robert_gilmo…@btinternet.com)
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008

I have Indy 10.0.22 which came as part of Delphi 2005.
I have downloaded the latest Development Snapshot and included Installation
Instructions. I compiled the IndySystem90.dpk, IndyCore90.dpk,
IndyProtocols90.dpk files as indicated in the Installation Instructions,
still using VCL and not .net. These appear to compile ok and generate
various *.dcu files.
The next step indicates you need to open the dclIndyCore90.dpk and
dclIndyProtocols90.dpk and install.
If I just use File \ Open \ dclIndyCore90.dpk - nothing seems to happen -
and no obvious option for installing anything.
If I use Component \ Install Packages \ Add menu option - it appears that
Delphi 2005 is requiring a package with a *.bpl suffix rather than a *.dpk
suffix. I cannot find any options for installing *.dpk files.
I would appreciate any help in establishing what I am doing wrong so that I
may upgrade my present installation, thankyou.