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Subject: Re: Upgrading Indy 10 Problem
Posted by:  Jamie (jamie.da…
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008

See below

"Bobg" <robert_gilmo…> wrote in message
>I have Indy 10.0.22 which came as part of Delphi 2005.
> I have downloaded the latest Development Snapshot and included
> Installation Instructions. I compiled the IndySystem90.dpk,
> IndyCore90.dpk, IndyProtocols90.dpk files as indicated in the Installation
> Instructions, still using VCL and not .net. These appear to compile ok and
> generate various *.dcu files.

Remember to firstly totally delete the old indy version and its .dcu files.

Then you must add the file path to the new .dcu files to your IDEs library
path using the environment options.

> The next step indicates you need to open the dclIndyCore90.dpk and
> dclIndyProtocols90.dpk and install.
> If I just use File \ Open \ dclIndyCore90.dpk - nothing seems to happen -
> and no obvious option for installing anything.

Don't bother using File>Open...

Just double click the package instead and you will see the window with the
compile and install options. Hit compile then hit install.

> If I use Component \ Install Packages \ Add menu option - it appears that
> Delphi 2005 is requiring a package with a *.bpl suffix rather than a *.dpk
> suffix.

Yes because delphi sees a package as a .bpl file. The .dpk is the equivalent
of a .dpr file - Its the project file for the package.

> I cannot find any options for installing *.dpk files.

You won't because you need to compile them and install the .bpl instead.
Just double click the .dpk file and then use the little window it brings up.

> I would appreciate any help in establishing what I am doing wrong so that
> I may upgrade my present installation,

It might also be worth setting your IDE desktop to None just in case the
window you want has been moved off screen.


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