Digest authentication using IIS6

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Subject: Digest authentication using IIS6
Posted by:  nospam (aedwards\"@(nospam)insigniamedical.co.uk)
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008


I have been using Indy 10 within BDS2006(C++) for some time now.  I have
been using Digest authentication successfully against an Apache server
with no problems.

However I have been unable to connect to Microsoft IIS.  I have
successfully connected using .NET modules and with a browser.  When
trying to connect using TIdHTTP I get an error of 'Unsupported hash
algorithm. The implementation supports only MD5 encoding'.

On investigation of the headers sent I have noticed that IIS sends
'algorithm=MD5-sess' and Apache sends 'algorithm=MD5'.  I have been
searching the groups and I noticed a suggestion to change a line within
IdAuthenticationDigest.pas from:

if not TextIsSame(FAlgorithm, 'MD5') then begin
if not TextIsSame(FAlgorithm, 'MD5-sess') then begin

I did this and recompiled Indy.  I am now left with an Indy install that
works neither Apache nor IIS!  I should not I downloaded the latest
version yesterday so I am up to date.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?  I do not have Delphi
installed so I cannot step into the code to see what is going on.

Many Thanks