Installation of Indy10 into BCB 2006 - How to?

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Subject: Installation of Indy10 into BCB 2006 - How to?
Posted by:  Matthias (matthias.letz…
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2009

Hi there,

I am desperatly looking for a batch-file to compile Indy10 into BCB
2006. It was discussed in July 2007 but I could not find the stated
blog... I quote the relevant Message!

Hope anyone can help!


> Hi Christer,
> Check my the post titled "Working batch file for Indy 10 and CPP Builder
> 2006", posted on the 11/6/2007 (yesterday).
> It has the batch file required to build a BCB2006 compatible version of
> Indy10.
> Simply put that batch file in the folder with the rest of the batch
> files (in \Lib\) and update & compile the Computil.dpr utility as stated
> in the other post.  Run it and it should build the required files.
> RH