D2010 Professional : where is dclIndyCore.dcp?

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Subject: D2010 Professional : where is dclIndyCore.dcp?
Posted by:  Davide Angeli (pro…@microsoft.com)
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009

I'm compiling an owner package that use Indy in Delphi 2010
Professional. I can't add the dclIndyCore.dcp in the requires clause of
my package because I can't find it in my Delphi installation. If I
compile the package without the dclIndyCore.dcp Delphi tells me that
IdAntiFreeze is implicity imported in my package but when I try to
install it Delphi tells me that it cannot load package dclIndiCore140
because it contains IdAntiFreeze that is contained also on my package.
How can I solve this?

Thank you

Davide Angeli