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Subject: Re: Indy 10 Won't Stay Installed
Posted by:  Tom Hahn (tha…
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010

"Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\)" <re…> wrote:
> "Tom Hahn" <tha…> wrote in message
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>> After upgrading from Indy 9 to Indy 10, dclIndyCore70.bpl
>> and dclIndyProtocols70.bpl will not stay installed. Each time
>> Delphi 7 is restarted, they must be reinstalled.
> That has nothing to do with Indy itself.  Either:
> 1) you do not have the IDE's paths configured correctly
> 2) the packages are being placed in the IDE's "disabled packages"
> configuration in the Registry
> 3) your IDE is auto-loading a project at startup, and that project has
> no
> references to the packages.

Perhaps you CSM enlighten me about what I did wrong and how to fix it.

I removed Indy 9 per the instructions on the web site for Indy 10
installation, and then did this.

Open and compile .dpk files:

IndySystem70.dpk (in Lib\System)
IndyCore70.dpk (in Lib\Core)
IndyProtocols70.dpk (in Lib\Protocols)

Open and install packages:

dclIndyCore70.bpl (in Lib\Core)
dclIndyProtocols70.bpl (in Lib\Protocols)

go to  Tools>Environment options> Library tab. Add the following to
Libraries and Browse paths:


The package installation seems to be correct and the component palette
is correct.

There is no project being auto-loaded at startup. Since the only
remaining option of the three you outlined is the packages being placed
in the IDEs "disabled packages" list, perhaps you can tell me how I
caused it and how to fix it.

TIA for your help,


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