Character Display Width After Indy Update

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Subject: Character Display Width After Indy Update
Posted by:  Tom Hahn (tha…
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010

Delphi 7, Indy 10.5.8

I am not even sure how to explain my problem so that it makes sense.

I have some drop down lists that consist of lines withnseveral data
fields. These are presented in several different sequences, which are
changed upon demand. The sequence changes also mean that the data fields
are presented in a different order on a line. To get a consistent
columnar lineup, I used a high ASCII character (#160) as fill for blank
space positions because the actual data has different lengths. This has
worked well for a long time. To illustrate what I mean:

Sequence 1
aaaa bbbbbb cccccccccc
aaa  bbb      cccccccccc

Sequence 2
bbbbbb cccccccccc aaaa
bbb      cccccccccc aaa

After updating Indy from 9 to 10, these #160 characters seem to have a
double width in the display. I am not doing anything with Unicode, but I
am aware generally of what it means. I assume that changes may have been
necessary in Indy because of it. To make the issue even stranger, there
is no relationship between these displays and Indy other than that the
problem arose after the Indy update.

Does this make any sense or am I completely off track? No other changes
were made in the application other than upgrading Indy to get SSL
capability. Is there anything else that would cause these characters to
now display differently?

I realize that what I am describing is not an Indy issue but I am hoping
that someone who has updated Indy may recognize what is occurring.