Re: Strange WSAAsyncSelect Issue

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Subject: Re: Strange WSAAsyncSelect Issue
Posted by:  Jon Robertson (jon.roberts…
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011

Thanks Remy for your insight.

> It has to be an issue inside of DataSnap itself.

DataSnap is not calling WSAAsyncSelect either.

> It is likely just passing bad data to it, which is
> what 10022 means.

Yep.  Most often a bad window handle, from what I've read.

> No, so it is likely just a bug in whatever code is actually calling
> WSAAsyncSelect().

That's the problem.  I can't find anything we're using that directly
calls WSAAsyncSelect().  :(

DataSnap team has confirmed that DataSnap does not use it.
Indy team has confirmed that Indy does not use it.
Embarcadero support engineer has confirmed both of the above as well.
ICS team has confirmed that ICS does not use it.
I can confirm that our only use of sockets is either through DataSnap
(which uses Indy) or ICS.

The only code I can find that calls WSAAsyncSelect directly is
SckComp.pas:TCustomWinSocket.DoSetAsyncStyles.  And TCustomWinSocket is
only used in old legacy classes that are still around for backwards
compatibility.  Checking the compiler output confirms that none of
these units/methods are compiled into our application.




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