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Subject: Re: Indy 10 and Kylix 3
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (re…
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011

Zindine wrote:

> I am trying to recompile Indy 10 for Kylix 3. I have given a try to
> revision 4711 and 4713 with no luck.
> It seems the compiler definitions are not set properly. The compiler
> tries to compile code that is only supported on other platform.

Such as?  Please be more specific.

> Is Kylix 3 still supported?

Not really, since Kylix itself is not supported by Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero
anymore.  Indy has build files for Kylix, for they are a bit dated, though
there were some patches applied not that long ago.  But we do not focus on
Kylix anymore.  Cross-platform support is handled through FreePascal and
FireMonkey now.

> The reason I am trying to compile Indy 10 is that I am experiencing
> memory leaks when using TIdTCPServer from Indy 9 (build 50). Is
> this a known issue?

What kind of leaks exactly?

Remy Lebeau (Indy Team)


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