Upgrade Indy in XE2

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Subject: Upgrade Indy in XE2
Posted by:  pascal (coenenpatgmaildot.com)
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012


I regularly update my version of Indy in Delphi 2010. So I thought I'll
try this in my XE2 installation. Not good. I ended up installing XE2SP3

I deleted (like I did in D2010) all Indy related .bpl, .dcu and .pas
files. Then installed the latest svn package. No problem.

After restarting other component sets didn't load anymore (Soap,
Internet Express, ...). Always getting something like entry point
exception in 'IndyProtocols160.bpl'. Double checked that there was no
other IndyProtocols160.bpl file on my PC.

Is there information available on how to update the installed Indy
version in XE2?

Best Regards,