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Subject: Re: FTP Stops at 180 files
Posted by:  jstech2 (bbordwe…
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012

On another item, the port is left in the TIME_WAIT state on the server side.
I read a google cached discussion titled "Prevent server connections in
TIME_WAIT state" that closely resembles this issue. It still points back to
running out of available ports, as the port appears to be left waiting, so a
new port is issued. After 180 new ports, it stops accepting files.

There must be a setting or method (short of disconnect()) that will let the
server know the put() is finished and can re-use the port.

Still seeking an answer.

Thank you.

"Remy Lebeau" <re…> wrote in message
> Hello jstech2,
>> I posted this question at, but their forum seems to be
>> down...
> Shame, because I had already answered your questions there.
>> Using a secure FTP I can connect and transfer 180 files no problem,
>> and then it appears to continue sending the remainder of the files,
>> but they do not transfer.
> If TIdFTP thinks files are still transferring, then the server is not
> reporting any errors back to TIdFTP, but the problem has to be on the
> server end and how it is managing the files.
>> After the 180th file, the result code from the Put() is Entering
>> Passive Mode.
> That means the server opened a listening port on its end and sent the
> IP/Port back to TIdFTP to connect to.  If Put() hangs at that point, then
> TIdFTP was not able to connect and will eventually raise an exception.
> But if Put() is not hanging or raising exceptions, then the server has to
> be responding with success replies.
>> My theory is this is a firewall that is limiting the amount of data
>> being transferred.
> Possibly.
> --
> Remy Lebeau (Indy Team)


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