IdSMTPRelay not working in some locations

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Subject: IdSMTPRelay not working in some locations
Posted by:  Frank Marousek (fra…
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012

I've recently added the IdSMTPRelay component to one of my applications
to allow users to send email to me directly from the application. I
tested it as best as I knew how, and had good success. I installed at at
a few users locations and it seems to work fine. I get all emails
exactly as expected.

Then, however, I installed it at another user's location (my biggest
customer of course), and it does not work. When this user attempts to
send email to me, he says that my application reports success, but I
never get the email.

The only thing I know that is different about this customer from all the
others is he uses MS Exchange for email, whereas the others use POP3. My
understanding is that this should not matter as IdSMTPRelay avoids the
use of the user's email server altogether. In fact, it was this
particular customer that led me to explore using IdSMTPRelay to begin with.

I'm currently in the dark as to what is short-circuiting this. Is there
something I can do to troubleshoot this situation? Is there any further
information needed about my application and/or my implementation of
IdSMTPRelay? If so, just ask and I'll provide as requested.

All destination email address info is hard-coded in for now, so there's
no chance my user is simply mis-entering something.

Using Delphi 2010 if that matters.