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Subject: Email Message Composition Dialog Object
Posted by:  Adam H (
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013


I'm considering undertaking a project to define a class that would allow
me to assign a TidMessage, along with attachments to it, and when the
class has a particular proedure called, it will display a email message
dialog (form).

This would contain fields such as the sender, recipient, subject, body,
and attachments which would be passed back to the TidMessage property
when closed.

The idea is to have a unit that could be called to populate everything
required for sending a message. (Effectively a mini-email application
embedded within the unit), so it could be used on a variety of different

I also had the same idea that a TIdMessage that is populated (for
incoming messages) could display the same/similar dialog, and if it's
populated, it would show the message details.

I think the basics (such as the receipient, message body, etc) would be
pretty straight forward, but I'm not as sure about passing through

I'm just wondering though whether or not I'm going about this the right
way, or if I'm biting off more than I can chew.

Effectively I'm just chasing some option that will allow me to embed an
email suite into other programs as simply as possible. (Without having
to write forms, etc for each project).

Or... with any luck this has already been done and I could simply obtain
/ purchase said component?  :-)

Can anyone see any problems with my approach, or whether there is a
better way to achieve this?

Thanks & Regards