Indy and D5 to XE6 migration

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Subject: Indy and D5 to XE6 migration
Posted by:  jkomorowski
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014


About Jan 2010 we checked out from your Subversion repository the current
version of Indy to do some development (with Delphi 5) in our one of our
VCL-based projects using IB Server 2009; I still remember Remy's very kind
assistance during that our first encounter with Indy. The highest revision
number present in that Indy source is "Rev 1.146" and
DEFINEs 10_5_6.

Now we are testing the project migration to Delphi XE6, wishing to keep IB
2009 if it's possible. Delphi XE6 we use for tests contains Indy, the source
of which seems "contemporary" to that we downloaded in 2010, i.e. its
highest revision number is also "Rev 1.146". But the very first compilation
attempt indicated that both versions are not identical, e.g. In the version
2010 of Indy, DEFINEs 10_6_0. Then I've noticed other
(numerous) differences.

1. Should we migrate also to Indy version included in XE6?
2. Are there particular unicode-related "precautions" to take?

Kind regards,