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Subject: ftp client autoconnect
Posted by:  AToZedIndy (al.barnett@nospam.data-freeway.co.uk)
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003

I am using D7 and the latest version of Indy V9.0.14.

I have been trying to connect to a device that we develop in-house
which implements an ftp server and upload various config files.

I was implementing the Connect() causing an auto-login to occur
but this was causing the ftp connection to be imediately terminated.

Investigation found that auto-login was causing the SYST command to be
sent to the server and our server was returning 502 - command not
Unfortunately the ftp component only accepts 200, 215, 500 as valid
and terminates the connection when it recieves a 502.

I can get round the problem by not using the auto-login and doing it
Everything now works.

My question is who is right?
Should we be sending a different command response
or should you be accepting more generic responses for this command.

According to the rfc response 500 is specifically a syntax error which you
as 'Unknown Host', but all responses prefixed by 5xx fall into the Permanent
Completion reply group. Shouldn't you therefore be treating all responses
prefixed by
5xx as 'Unknown Host'.

Just a suggestion

Keep up the GREAT work with Indy and Intraweb, both have been invaluable