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Subject: ABOR ERROR!!
Posted by:  Fernando Tirelli (f.tirel…@hardata.com)
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003

Please can anybody tell me this!!....

Thanks... it's very important.

Hello i have problems with the abort the download and the upload. When i
abort the download, the function Get never return, and when i abort in the
Upload the server rise and exeption and then become unstable.

I make this change in the IdFTP component and the upload become stable:

procedure TIdFTP.Abort;
  // only send the abort command. The Data channel is supposed to disconnect
  if Connected then begin
    WriteLn('ABOR');                  {Do not translate}
  // Kill the data channel: usually, the server doesn't close it by itself
  // Fernando 24-07-2003: I wait 100 milliseconds and the server do not rise
and exeption.

But the Download still affected, so i prove some changes and when i make an
Abort() and in the next line i make a Quit() the Download works very well.
I am  using the Indy 9 i want to know if this problem was solved or if
exists another solution, or if my solution is a valid one.