Socket Error #10054, Conection Reset by Peer

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Subject: Socket Error #10054, Conection Reset by Peer
Posted by:  Trond Kallerud (tro…
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003

We have a Indy FTP 9.0.11 client that connect to some FTP servers(Win2000
and NT4)
The Indy FTP connect to the server an d starts downloading a some 1000
files. But it stops downloading with the error
"Socket Error #10054, Connection Reset by Peer" from time to time. I think
this error means that it is the Server that restes the connection(talked to
Chad Z. Hower on BCon, London), but since we have tested this on multiple
servers I am running out of ideas of how to solve this.
Does anybody have som suggestions where to go next on solving this ?

Trond Kallerud
Silver Data as