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Subject: Re: Newbie question
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003

"ron" <rrroo…> wrote in message

> How do I know that the command has returned the results into mListing?

When the List() method returns execution control back to the code that
called it.

All Indy functions are blocking, they do not return until they finish what
they are doing.

> Similarly for other commands -- how do I know when a chdir has
> completed and was it successful?

Again, when it returns execution back to your code that called it.  If an
error does occur, then an exception will be thrown instead.

> I had expected that there would be some sort of event that
> I could  handle, but I can't find it!

Indy's components are not event-driven like most other components are.  Indy
is designed to be usable without a single event handler at all.  In fact,
most of the event handlers that do exist are usually for status reporting
only.  There are a few exceptions to the rule, of course, such as the
OnCheckListFormat and OnParseCustomListFormat events if you want do do
custom parsing.  But otherwise, Indy is very linear in its design.  You call
Indy functions/methods one after the other in logical progression to perform
tasks.  Please read the following in order to learn how Indy is designed to

    Indy FAQs
    Introduction to Indy
    Indy in Depth



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