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Subject: Re: indy crashes
Posted by:  StefWork (gagnon…
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003

Jean Luc wrote:

> hi all
> i ve got indy 9.0.14 & bcb 6.0 ...
> i ve added the eidexception in language exception because i ve got
> connection closed gracefully ...
> at the end of each file upload i ve got an error popup that says "the
> exception unknown exception (0x0eedfade) ... in 0x77e9ba9d"
> Why this problems occurs ? SomeOne got a solution 4 me :(
> thx @ all in advance ;)

This is normal.

Check in idTcpConnection.pas

If this is a SERVER
The client has disconnected the socket normally and this exception is
used to notify the server handling code. This exception is normal and
will only happen from within the IDE, not while your program is running
as an EXE. If you do not want to see this, add this exception or
EIdSilentException to the IDE options as exceptions not to break on.

From the IDE just hit F9 again and Indy will catch and handle the

Please see the FAQ and help file for possible further information.
The FAQ is at

If this is a CLIENT
The server side of this connection has disconnected normaly but your
client has attempted to read or write to the connection. You should
trap this error using a try..except.
Please see the help file for possible further information.

Stephane Gagon


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