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Subject: Re: TIdFTPServer IP Binding
Posted by:  Ignacio Vazquez (
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003

"Joe" <none> wrote in message E48BE3F53088E240none...
> We are currently using 9.0.11 and have successfully implemented an FTP
> server using TIdFTPServer - well done Indy team!

9.0.14 is the latest. You might want to consider upgrading.

> We are not specifiying any bindings on the component and it appears to
> automatically bind to the IP of the LAN card in the PC.
> My question is, if we want to use our FTP server on a computer that allows
> dial in access to it - how does the client know what IP the FTP server is
> waiting on?

Just have them connect to the IP address of the network card.



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