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Subject: ftp / ssl / indy10
Posted by:  Björn Sterl (bjoern.ste…@3d-raumplan.com)
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004


i have a question to indy 10. indy 10 is a beta version and i find into the
code lines with "{.$DEFINE NOSSL} {//BGO - temporary until SSL is enabled}".
i think,
that at this reason, the ssl-function will not work. i downloaded the
form the ftp-mirror.

get it a newer version, in which the ssl-function are work? if the answer
yes ->
where can i download the newest version. (the versioncontrol-client can not
download from website, because the file is not found!)

i will be test the version - if you want.

thanks for advanve. btw: sorry for my bad english.

mfg bjoern sterl
eMail: bjoe…@sterl.net