Incomplete downloads using Indy 10 with SSL

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Subject: Incomplete downloads using Indy 10 with SSL
Posted by:  Brandon Shoopman (Brandon.Shoopm…
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004

I've got Indy 10 installed in delphi 7 and I'm using a ssl io handler to
connect to a ssl ftp.  In our program, we download zip files from a ftp
server that requires ssl.  Most of the time I can successfully download the
zip files, but sometimes when the get completes it has not downloaded the
entire file.  It will leave off the last 1-2k of the file and leave us with
a corrupted zip.  I have been unable to track down what is causing the error
since most of the zips will download through indy just fine.  It does seem
to happen on the same zips over and over, but I can download these
successfully using a 3rd party software ftp client(core ftp).