Parsing complex FTP urls: any hints?

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Subject: Parsing complex FTP urls: any hints?
Posted by:  Matteo Riso (zgin…
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004


I'm improving my own FTP client and I'm using Indy 9 (I think I'll move to
Indy 10 when SSL support will be reliable).
I have a problem: I can't parse a complex FTP url.
If I type the following url in a browser, it connects to the FTP server and
sends username, password and port info (obviously I'm using a fake
username/password pair here):


Do you have some hint about parsing well the above URL? Do you have any
example ready?
My application should be capable of connecting when user clicks on a ftp
link in its browser.

Thanks in advance.

Matteo Riso
Happy ZipGenius User #1