Is TIdFTP stable?

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Subject: Is TIdFTP stable?
Posted by:  Pierre Axelsson (p…
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004

How stable is Indy10 TIdFTP (and its dependencies)?

I tried using Indy9 with SecureBlackBox to do SSL, but now I've realized
that 'Explicit SSL/TLS' would require an initialization command being sent
to the server (telling it what to use) and this isn't supported by Indy9.

So now I'm trying to use Indy10 instead, but when I compile
'IndyProtocols70.dpk' I get an error saying unit 'IdFTPListTypes' is missing
and it's true. This occurs in 'IdFTPListParseBase' which was modified a
couple if days ago. Maybe that answers my first question?

Another approach would be to add the initialization commands myself to
Indy9, but I'm not sure if that alone would to the trick, or if I have to do
a range of other hacks to get it working.