Ftp Hanging on completion

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Subject: Ftp Hanging on completion
Posted by:  Ron (ron@nospam.simdata.com.au)
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004


I was wondering if anyone has encountered the problem where an FTP upload
using TIdFtp hangs after all the data is transferred - IE its trying to get
the FTP response.  I am working with a customer on the otherside of the
world and he has run some debug code for me that shows that the problem
happens after the data connection has been closed and while its reading the
response.  He says that the problem only occurs on files larger than 11M -
which I don't think is the problem, but maybe its the time it takes to
upload the file?  The problem is consistent.

My thought were that:
- maybe its a firewall issue, with short timeouts on its NAT table entries
- maybe its the server but I haven't been able to work out type it is other
than its used by verizon.net

Any other ideas or similar experiences?