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Subject: Re: Indy10 FTPList permissions
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004

"Rafael" <rafaell…> wrote in message

> In the Indy 9 the TIdFtpListItem object have the
> following properties: GroupPermissions,
> OwnerPermissions, UserPermissions, LinkedItemName
> which I've been using. Now in the Indy10 there are
> no such properties. How can I read the permissions
> and links now ?

In Indy 9, TIdFTPListItem was a single class trying to support many
different directory listing formats using a single code base.  The
properties you are using were only filled in when parsing Unix and Vax

Indy 10 supports many more listing formats.  As such, TIdFTPListItem has
been made into a virtual base class, and the directory listing parsers have
been split into their own separate classes that plug into TIdFTP.  Each
parser implements its own specialized TIdFTPListItem descendant class with
its own specialized properties for that specific format.  For example, the
Unix parser has a TIdUnixFTPListItem class which has UnixGroupPermissions,
UnixOwnerPermissions, UnixOtherPermissions, and LinkedItemName properties.



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